hapi pal hapi pal

an ecosystem of tools and best practices for the working hapijs developer

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hapijs and pal are good teammates

Writing scalable web services is hard work, and we don't think there's any way around that.

Rather than perpetually seeking the mythical "silver bullet" web framework, we've invested years of energy in reliable tooling, best practices, and sensible conventions that make fully utilizing hapijs feel organic and approachable.

To learn more about pal's origins, check-out our post Introducing hapi pal.

A CLI to help you scaffold projects, author and run custom commands, and search docs
A friendly, proven starting place for your next hapi project based on 12-factor principles
A model layer integrating Objection ORM, designed to play nice with hapi and joi
And there's a lot more to explore, including a CLI tool to scaffold projects and search docs, a model layer integrating Objection ORM, a Serverless framework integration, a tool to interop with express for migrating to hapi or unifying deployments, a service layer that integrates with hapi caching, a plugin that provides CLI debugging of your deployments, a means to use your hapi plugins as libraries, and a suite of utilities that speak to common hapi patterns.